Monday, March 03, 2014

The 2014 Show is Almost Here

Thats right!  The 2014 American Reflections car show in Moxee Park is almost here, and it will prove to be one of the best shows ever!  The date is set for May 18th this year.  We are gearing up for it right now.  The invitations are going out as this blog is being created.  We hope for good weather this year (keep your fingers crossed) and even more excitement than in the past.

For those of you that have not been to the show before or have had the opportlunity to enter your prized possession in a show like this here are a few of the details.....

We are an "Open Show" which means that anyone can enter their vehicle.  If you have a 1923 model T, you're welcome to enter.  If you have a 2014 Chevy, Ford, Dodge or anything in between, you're welcome to enter.  No matter if your vehicle is stock, modified, custom, classic, hot rod, old, new, blue, red, green, white, black or purple, you are welcome to show it off.  It can be a car, truck motorcycle, bicycle, Tuner, Lowrider or 4X4, domestic or foreign,we don't care.  We have them all covered.  We have them all covered.  We give out about 80 trophies in more than 22 classes.  What it boils down to is if you are proud of it and want to show it off, this is the time and place.

The Moxee Park (where the show is held) is a beautiful setting for a car show.  There is acres of grass, handy restrooms and covered areas for picnics and/or car shows.  If you like shade there are plenty of trees.  We come in with food vendors, merchandise vendors, music, trophies, prizes, raffle items, give-a-ways, dash plaques, games and fun for the day.  This is something that you really don't want to miss.
Pre-register your vehicle before May 10th for just $15.00.  After May 10th and the day of the show the registration is $20.00.  Did I tell you that spectators are always admitted free?

In the days leading up to the show several things will also be happening.  On May 16th this year, Hot Rods and Harleys will be starting up and will continue every Friday from 6PM to 9PM at McDonalds on 40th Ave and River Road here in Yakima.  This is a place where all of us car people (motorcycle people too) go to unwind and show off our rides every week.  It also gives us a venue to talk about and sign up people for the American Reflections Cruise the next day, May 17th.  This cruise is held in conjunction with our show and gives people another way of signing up for the show in advance.  More details on the cruise to come.

O.K., for those of you that are interested, I am posting 3 pictures on this page.  The first is of our registration page. Simply copy it to your computer, print it out and send it in to our post office box for advance registration to the show. You will in turn receive a card in the mail with your registration number to be presented at the show.  The second picture I will post is one that was taken at last years show, just to give you an idea of what to look for and get a feeling of the excitement we generate at the show.  The third will be a picture of the 2014 dash plaque that I have designed.  I think it's pretty good looking.  Everyone who registers for the show will get one.

Don't let me get away with out talking about the charities that we suppor with the proceeds from the show. Everything you spend at our show goes for a good cause. We support the Yakima Veterans Food Bank, We also give money to the Make A Wish Foundation and to Yakima's own Camp Primetime which is a summer camp for children who are seriously ill or developmentally disabled and their families. This comes after the show. Before the show, we are always looking for sponsors who can donate to help buy trophies, prizes, offer give-away items or help fill goodie bags. If you are interested in becoming a part of this show or helping out with sponsorship, please e-mail me at We have both local and internet sponsors who are talked about at the show.


SEND ALL PRE-REGISTRATIONS TO:  American Reflections Car Club, P.O. Box 11377, Yakima, WA.98909

Saturday, November 23, 2013

End of the 2013 run. Rev up 2014

It was a great year in 2013 for the classic car hobby.  Our show in May went off without a hitch and all the shows after that were great!....Some of the folks made modifications to their rides while others got new rides.  Our club grew slightly during the year and everyone seems to still be interested in the club and the hobby.

The television is probably one of the best helps for our hobby these days with auctions like "Barrett Jackson", "Mecom" as well as shows like "Overhaulin", "My Clsssic Car", "Fast and Loud" and others. These shows tell the story of many classics and their on going value.

To purchase an older car, either restored or not is to make an investment in the future.  The purchaser finds that if care is taken of the vehicle, the value never goes down and there is always the fun that is associated with the driving, maintaining, restoration and showing involved with a classic.

Anyway, back to the club scene.  Our 2014 show is scheduled for May 18, 2014 at the park again in Moxee, WA.  Be sure to put that on your calendar and attend the show.  Either as a participant or spectator.  There will always be something new to see at our show since we pull from all over Washington State.  We are getting an increased interest by several vendors each year and in 2013 we had about 10 or 11 craft vendors set up at the show.  I think that went pretty well.

In 2013, I tried to put our club on Facebook but ended up with a stale mate.  The page opened and looked good but the trouble was getting the word out.  Something had gone wrong and the page was not showing up in the searches.  Research said that the page had to have more than a few followers to show up properly.  Even though I wanted hundreds of you to view the page and become American Reflection friends, I could only get the word out to a few.  I will study the site and try again in late 2013 or early 2014 because I believe that the Facebook page could possibly be more entertaining and informative than this web site.

At this point, I am just rambling on.  So, here is one of our latest photographs.  This is of our 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu that used to belong to my wife's parents.  We took over the car after their deaths and started fixing it up.  It now has a show quality paint job, brand new interior with reclining seats, disc brakes up front, and a complete new undercarriage as well as 17inch chrome mag wheels and z rated tires.  This car is equipped with air conditioning and is fast becoming our primary show car.  Here is the car.......

Thursday, May 30, 2013

It just keeps getting better and better, car show wise that is.

In the days leading up to the car show the weather forecast started out great then got a little more worry some as the big day approached.  On the day of the show (May 19, 2013), the sky opened up and was absolutely awesome all day long.  Not too hot, not too cold.  The wind was not a problem and the sky was rain cloud free.  It was a perfect day for a car show!  It has now rained every day since the 19th.

The cruise the day before the show did not go off quite as planned.  The day was slightly cloudy with  only about six vehicles showing up .  We saw some wonderful scenery driving over the back roads from Yakima to Naches then back to Yakima.  Then we finished the day with an evening burger at the Stop and Go drive in on Fruitvale.  All in all, May 18th was a pleasent day.

Then came the day of the show.  We arrived at 7:30 AM to find that we were not the first ones at the park.  Vendors and car people were already stacking up.  We quickly set up and started registering cars.  The speakers were placed so that everyone could hear my special type of music I had collected for this show.  Usually, there is 50's, 60's, and 70's rock and roll music played at these car shows. We had some of that, but all the songs pertaining to cars, driving or the like.  Then I threw in some country (about cars) and included some old time car commercials.  We had such hits as "409", "Little GTO",  "Little Deuce Coupe", "Dead Man's Curve", "Hotrod Lincoln", "There Ain't Nothin Wrong With the Radio", "Seven Little Girls Sittin In the Back Seat", "Her Favorite Color is Chrome", the "Beep Beep" song and many more.  There was over 200 car songs in total.  I had songs that people have never heard before.

By the way, the show was the second most successful in history, with a total of 191 registered vehicles in the park.

We had 10 crafts vendors at the show this year for those who wanted more to look at then just cars, trucks and motorcycles.  Our food vendors offered a great selection with no duplicate food items and espresso returned this year!

In addition to the trophies for best of show, paint, etc. and the 22 classes, we gave out four long distance trophies.  The big winner was a couple from the Mt. Vernon, WA. area who came over just for our show.  They won a trophy and a free nights stay in a local motel for next year. 

Great day, great show and everyone had a good time.  We had dozens of give-a-way items and some pretty good raffle items too.    I am putting some pictures below so that you can get an idea of what the show actually looked like.  Maybe after reading this and seeing the pictures, you might decide to join us next year for our 14th Annual Open Show on May 18, 2014. (Click on a photo to enlarge it, then click your "back" button or arrow to return to this blog).

Just added.....I am currently working on a Facebook page for the American Reflections Car Club and need people to "like" the page so that I might build a population.  The page is set up for everyone that wants to display and talk about their cars, projects, clubs, car shows and whatever else.  I am posting pictures of various shows and cars on the page myself, as well as several videos about cars.  So, in addition to this site you now have a Facebook page to check out at  Be patient because at this point, I am still trying to get it to show up in their directory.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New things coming to the show this year.

As the date of May 19th gets closer, we are finalizing a few things for the car show.  In addition to good weather,  more cars than ever before and loads of good food and prizes, we will have craft vendors at the show this year.  We lost our espresso stand during the last couple shows but espresso will return this year.

Also, the cruise will return for the second year.  Starting at the Yakima Chamber of Commerce and running throughout the valley, on to Naches and back in the form of a poker run with prizes to be awarded at the show on sunday.  As the date gets closer, e-mail us at for updated info on this cruise.

The word is out and Hot Rods and Harleys officially starts on Friday, May 17th.  We will be at this show to hand out flyers and sign people up for the cruise and show.  The same as we did last year. 

See you at the 13th annual American Reflections open car show on May 19th, 2013 at the park in Moxee, WA.  Look at this site for news and pictures of the show afterwards.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Cruise and Car Show

Plans for the show this May 19th are shaping up nicely so far.  We are working on contacting various vendors for the event.  Also contacting and looking for trophy sponsors.  Last year we had more people wanting to sponsor trophies than we had slots for.  I am urging everyone to contact me early if they want a trophy sponsorship.  It runs $30 for a set of three trophies.  That being a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each of 22 different classes.   Here they are:

Best of Show                                 1990 to Current
Participants Choice                        Sports Car
Best Interior                                   Pickup, 1960 & Older
Best Paint                                       Pickup, 1961 & Newer
Distance                                         4X4
1939 & Older                                 Sport Compact
1940 to 1949                                   Orphan
1950 to 1959                                   Foreign
1960 to 1964                                   Under Construction
1965 to 1969                                   Street Rod
1970 to 1974                                   Low Rider
1975 to 1979                                   Rat Rod
1980 to 1989                                   Bicycle

Now, as promised here is some information on the cruise which will take place on May 18, 2013.  Registration for the cruise is $20 which qualifies you for the cruise and gets you into the show the next day.  The cruise is basically a poker run which will start from the Holiday Inn on E. Yakima Ave. here in Yakima at 10:00 AM.  Prizes for the cruise will start with $100 for first place. 

The Holiday Inn is located at 802 E. Yakima Ave. (1-800-315-2621) and have reserved a block of 20 rooms for our show at a special rate for those of you coming in from out of town. 6PM the evening of May 18th (Saturday), there will be a no-host dinner and get together at the Stop and Go Drive In at  2820 Fruitvale Ave., here in Yakima (509) 452-4641. 

All this is to get you in the mood for the Moxee Show the next day.  Our events coordinator wants that day remembered as:
The American Reflections 13th Annual Open Car Show in Moxee, WA.   May 19th, 2013.   See all of you at the Show


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our 2013 Show is Coming.

Our 2013 Show is coming.  This year marks our 13th year as a club and our 13th annual open car show.  It will be in the park in Moxee, WA. again this year on the 19th day of May, 2013.   If the weather holds, it promises to be the best show ever! We plan on the cruise again this year to get everyone in the mood.  This will take place on Saturday, May 18th.  The details of the cruise are still being worked out at this time but I will post information on this page as soon as things are settled. 

We plan to have more vendors this year than in the past.  This means more things for the family to do and see at the show.  I am also trying to get some additional sponsoring this year for more excitement.

I will post three things with this entry.  First, is the registration form.  Simply click on the form to  bring it into your computer so that you can print it as a full sheet .jpg.  Then click your "back" arrow to return to the site.

  If you cannot successfully print the registration form from this website then e-mail me at and I will send you a copy to fill out and send in.  Registration fee before May 10th is just $15.00 for the cruise and show.  After May 10th the fee will be $20.00.  Fill out the pre-registration form in your best printing, then sign it  and send it to the American Reflections Car Club, P.O. Box 11377, Yakima, WA. 98909. and we will return a card to you with your registration number printed on it.  This card will be proof of payment for the cruise and the show.

Here is the Registration Form:

Next, here is the color poster I made up for this year:

And finally, here is a copy of the club and show card that you may see this year...Also it might possibly become the dash plaque.
Thats it for this post.  Lets all get together this year (2013) and have the best and biggest show of all time.  Remember to watch this web site for more information on the cruise and show for this year and please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions at all.  


Monday, November 12, 2012

A Great Car Show Season!

As the 2012 car show season comes to an end, I usually "reflect" on the year.  Again this year we had a successful show in May with the interest of some additional corporate and internet sponsorship.  We are becoming one of the favorite shows of the season.  Of course, weather plays a big part in the participation of any classic car show.  One of these years we will have everything right.  Perfect weather, great sponsorship, and a great turnout (well over 200 cars).  We already offer the most trophies and have the most vendors of any other show in the area.  Our next show will be on May 19th, 2013 at the park again in Moxee.  A park that is so nice that two other clubs now have their shows there during the year.  Volkswagens and Sports Cars.

Each year we try and make our show even better.  We are experimenting with a cruise on Saturday before the show.  2012 was our first year for the cruise and we had about 12 participants with only one breakdown.  The cruise turned into a poker run through Yakima and Naches with some great prizes.

After our Moxee show, club members went on to make people aware of other up-coming events and attend several shows in different parts of the Pacific Northwest.    We met many new people and found more interest in our club this year.  Research shows that some of the other clubs in the area are decling in membership and interest.  These are clubs that were once very strong.

Club contributions this year were strong too.  Organizations such as Make a Wish, Camp Primetime, and the Yakima Veterans received our support.  In addition we donated to DSHS and made a Christmas dinner donation to some Senior Citizens that usually don't get much this time of year.

Our club and our show would not be possible without sponsorship.  Sponsors can donate anything including goodie bag fillers, advertising items, trophy money (their names go on the trophies), give-a-ways, coupons, certificates, raffle items, merchandise, or anything else to make the show more successful and promote themselves.  American Reflections buys several raffle items each year but since we give most of our money away, we have little left for trophy expense, advertising and other things.  If you would like to become an American Reflections partner and sponsor, simple e-mail us at and I would be honored to include you in our efforts next year.

The club voted to start sponsoring trophies at other shows next year.  This should also help build interst.  We will again head the "car games" portion of the "Vintiques Northwest Nationals" here in Yakima for 2013.  This is one of the largest shows in the Pacific Northwest and takes place right here in Yakima the first part of August.  In 2012, the show had almost 700 participants and it was the first year for us to manage the car games. It turned into a wild and crazy contest and everyone involved had a blast!

So, at the end of this period of "reflection", I think we are slowly growing as a club.  We had a successful show this year ( of course, we are always looking for new members and sponsorship).  We have helped a few more individuals, both in and out of the hobby and have spread our name a little more.  All in all, it has been a great car show season.