Sunday, May 02, 2021

Area Shows for 2021

 I have done some considerable research and found what I could in the way of area car shows> I am posting them for you as I have in the past.  I found, however, that in some cases some are already being canceled.  We planned our show during phase 2 of the pandemic, and although we are currently in phase 3, the possibility still exists that we might slide backwards.  If that is the case we just get creative and adjust to the situation and hopefully we can continue with a great show this year.

Before I post the listings, it is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to yet another member of the American Reflections Car Club.  Mr. Bill Ekers who was an active member and at one time past President of the club passed away on April 28th.  Some of you may remember him and his pride and joy, a 1933 Chrysler Coupe.  The only one around, I might add.  Rest In Peace, Bill...Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

It has also been announced that the Yakima Ave. Cruises will take place on the second and third Saturdays of June, July, August and September.  They usually start at about 6PM and go until 10PM. ALSO, Selah cruises are taking place again this year Starting May 1st.  They will be on the 1st and 4th Saturdays of each month and ending in September.  (See what happens when we behave ourselves?)
  Lets also not forget the cruise and get-together each Friday night starting at about 5PM on Fruitvale Ave.  It seems as though the "Stop and Go" is the main meeting place, but the entire avenue is open to us if we want to use it.

Here are the listings that I have worked up so far.  Some shows are missing at this point and some are canceled all ready.   Let us all follow the rules for now, wear our masks indoors, social distance where we need to and we should have allot of fun this summer.  CHECK OUT MAY 16th, WE'RE GETTING CLOSER TO OUR SHOW!!


Sunday, January 17, 2021

A Brighter Future In 2021

 Sorry that you have not seen a post in quite some time but we were struggling the same as you to get through 2020.  NEVER before, have we experienced a year like that, and it's not over yet folks.  Every car show that I can think of was cancelled last year including some of the big ones such as "Cool Desert Nights" in Richland, "The Vintiques Show", here in Yakima, "Hot August Niights" in Reno and the granddaddy of all, "SEMA" in Las Vegas.  The Corona (Covid 19) virus has cost business, and other venues millions and millions of dollars.

We are currently in the process of trying to put our club and the car show we usually have back together.  I know that each of you are itching to get your classics out and get back to bragging about them and showing them off.  So, I am trying to put together what will now be our 20th Annual Show in the Park in Moxee City, our favorite place.  I tentatively have it set for:

SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2021

Here, you will find a poster I have made up and soon there will be a registration form.  This year, I will email out as many forms as I have addresses for and send out a limited amount in an effort to cut some expenses.  If you cannot download the form from this web site, then email me at so that I might send you a form and collect your valuable email address.  

I do all this because our system is set to send out registrations to those of you that have attended the show the last two years,  Since there was no show last year, the system is just a little amiss to say the least.

It is strongly suggested that we socially distance during this show.  We might want to park about 6ft. apart (just like the past) and stay mostly around your vehicle.  There will be food concessions on site and we should be able to provide music.  

We lost several of our favorite car people in 2020 including Clem Faulkenhagen who has done some beautiful upholstery work for some of us (February), Mike Quisnell, one of our favorite parts men and owner of R&Q Parts in Selah (April), Brian Anderson, who was our local Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lincoln, Cadillac guy (September) and our own trophy fabricator and American Reflections Club Member, Bill Trefry (September).    We will all miss them all terribly at our car shows.  


                                                                 MIKE QUISNELL


                                                                                        BILL TREFRY

Rest In Pease our beloved car friends, Now here is a car poster with a registration form to follow.  If I have time, I will also try and compose a car show list for this year as well.  Last Updated 01/28/2021

Thursday, October 22, 2020

About Time For A New Post, Don't You Think?

 We like old things, but this COVID 19 thing is getting a little ridiculous. It's numbered with "19", because 2019 is when it started.  Originally, everyone thought that it would be short lived and the events that were planned as late as May should be safe because our car show is usually scheduled five months into the year. The virus has wiped out seemingly every  big car event including The Vintiques, Hot August Nights, SEMA and NASCAR.  Events such as our Fair, Major League Baseball and NFL which bring in millions of dollars were not safe either.
The registration process for our show started just before we received  information of the Virus.  We are applying  (as best we can) registration information and paid dollars to next years show.  Some of you have chose to contribute or donate your fee to help out the club.  To those of you, I say "Thank you very much".  Moxee has applied our park rental fee to next year.  Thank You Moxee, one of the greatest little cities I have known.

You can't keep an enthusiastic car person down.  Plenty of cruise nights have taken place regardless of any ol' virus.  Every Friday night from May to September we had a "Fruitvale Cruise" which was to include all participating restaurants on that street.  The stopping point mostly ended up being "Stop and Go" drive in, who welcomed us with open arms.  At first, it was a eat in your car or provide your own chair situation but as the months passed, picnic tables were again provided.

There were to be four cruise nights provided by the city of Yakima for the use of Yakima Avenue, but as the virus hit, that seemed to be the excuse Yakima needed to postpone cruises.  This is when the city of Selah stepped up and said we could cruise their city on any Saturday.  This prompted other events in Selah as well.  Some favorable and others not so much.  I think that the "Black Lives Matter" thing got out of hand everywhere.  Thank you, Selah.  Oh, and we cruised Yakima anyway.  Even though there were no public car shows to go to, we managed to have some fun anyway.  Eventually the younger generation with what they think are hot cars or jacked up pickups speeding and doing burnouts will ruin and cause the shutdown of the event for everyone.  We oldsters just like to show off our classics and restorods.  It's a moving car show, not a race.

The year 2020 has been a bad year in more than one aspect.  Several of our beloved car people have died this year.  We lost Bill Trefry, who was one of our favorite club members.  Maybe you recognize him as the person who made our wonderful metal trophies.  We lost Brian Anderson recently.  He was not in our club, but a local car collector.  Known mostly for bringing a Rolls Royce to the shows, he also had a Bentley, two Corvettes, A red Ford street Rod, a Custom 40's Cadillac, a Mercedes Unimog, a 12 cylinder Lincoln and more.  Finally, just the other day, we lost Sam Rose.  Also not in our club, but a car guy, just the same and the owner of the Nob Hill Wrecking Yard.  Always there to help out a fellow rodder.
We look to the year 2021 with a new set of eyes.  Maybe we can put this pandemic behind us and plan our show for somewhere around the third weekend in May.  The date will be announced soon, so stay tuned.  We look for a better than ever attendance since everyone has been quarantined for so long, they should be itching to get their cars out. You guys deserve some pictures...So here is a couple of my 1948 F-1 Ford Pickup, Before and After.  Did most of the work myself.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Whats Going on In the Year 2020?

The American Reflections Car Club thanks all of you car nuts for a great year of car stuff.   In 1999 we had our show in Moxee on another rainy, windy, day and the car count was down after we had planned a great show for everyone.  BUT, that's the way these things happen sometimes.  It was our 19th annual show, celebrating our 19th year as a club, held on the 19th of May in the year 2019.  We thought that was pretty special.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS US.

We also co sponsored the Hot Rods and Motorcycles event at the Burger Broiler this past year.  We almost tripled their sales for a late Friday afternoon.  So our Burger Broiler Manager was promoted and transferred to another location leaving the restaurant with a new and less than enthusiastic manager.  On one of the event Fridays there was a conflict between management and some of the car people and so, the car people took the event to the Stop and Go on Fruitvale. 

Stop and Go on Fruitvale has always been car friendly place but shortly after the Friday night cruise in was established, the restaurant burned.  Now they are frantically working on a restoration to get up and running again.


If you are a car person or even know a car person, get ready yourself and tell them to do so as well.   Our 20th annual car show has been cancelled for the year 2020.  We were planning on adding more advertising and a SWAP MEET to the show, along with everything else that has made our show great in the past, but due to the spreading of the Coronavirus and the possibility of adding to the problem, our show has been cancelled.  

I would like to publicly thank Mr. Dick Shill for he has been working on something that could be one of the greatest successes since the Selah Cruise days.  In lieu of the partial demise of the hot rods and harleys event, he has been contacting restaurants snd other interested parties in the Yakima Fruitvale area.  Including Dennys, Sheris, Sweet Bees, The Ranch and more setting up a Friday night event for 2020.  With all restaurants involved in this hotrod event up and down the boulevard, then a cruise would definitely be in order.  


Then on Saturday morning you can get your day started with "Cars and Coffee". now being held at Dennys on Fruitvale from 7AM to 9AM.

Along with these privileges come a warning as with anything else.  Those who do burnouts and show off excessively, park in un-designated areas, or disrespect any of the businesses along this route could possibly ruin it for all of us.  So, lets be cognizant of our actions.

I am also currently working on the 2020 car show listing that I do each year for those of you who are interested in area car shows.  

Due to the possibility of spreading the Coronavirus, our car show has been cancelled.  Stay tuned for new up-coming events this year.

UPDATED April 02, 2020


Monday, May 20, 2019

2019 Show is now a Reflection. Did You Miss a Good One?

Each year, as our show date gets closer, we all keep an eye on the weather.  At first, the date looked good.  Then, they predicted rain around the date of our show.  The day before was beautiful. Then late the night before, it started to rain, and continued on through Sunday morning.  Last minute car show attending decisions are made the morning of a show and so, we were down about 100 cars from the previous year.  In the rain, I got to the park at about 7am.  Usually there are cars in line waiting at this time of the morning.  On this morning, one car!

To top things off, the city of Moxee had remodeled their park and we had no power.  They took out all the wooden poles and replaced them with new metal poles, park lighting and a PA system.  A great upgrade of the park but the power company did not hook up anything.   Then the sky opened, the rain stopped and cars started to arrive.
We gained electricity through the means of extension cords, the vendors used generators, and the show was under way.  Did you miss it?  It turned out to be a great show as it usually does for us each  year.  Not great numbers, but we had about 118 entries.   The show must go on, rain or shine and it has for many years.  Next year will be out 20th year and we need to plan something special for all of you that choose to participate.

Here are a few photos of the show: Click on the photos to enlarge.