Friday, January 26, 2024

2024 Represents Our 24th Year As A Club.

 Please excuse the lack of posts recently.  Life has taken a few un-expected turns.  Yes, I believe that 2024 will be much better than 2023 has been to all of us.   2024 marks the 24th year of our club's existence.  We have lost several members over the last few years, but we are currently turning things around by adding new members and gaining more interest in classic and modern American vehicles.  

One of the main goals today is the younger people.  We need to work at keeping them interested in our types of vehicles.  Today, they lean toward tuners, and foreign stuff since that is a big part of what is on the road today.  However, classics are easier to work on and have gained in value over the years.   I support SEMA's "Take a Kid to a Car Show" promotion, and even hand out stickers at our show, in an effort to keep kids interested.

Here is the poster I am using this year.  It is a poster that was originally designed for the year 2020 that we did not use because of Covid.  With a few updates, I will use it for the 2024 show.  On it is a photo of four car guys working on a 1966 Chevy II owned by Bob Brogden, who was not a member of our club. That is Bob on the left.  Bob died last year, so this poster is sort of a tribute to him since he gave permission to use the photo way back in 2020.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Lets Make Classic Cars Great Again

 The price of fuel, and the presence of the electric car should not dampen our spirits regarding those  vehicles of the past.  We love our classics and will continue to drive, show off, and be proud of our vehicles. One way of doing this is with local car shows.  The American Reflections Show in Moxee is one of those venues.  

For 2023, we will have another show in Moxee at the park on May 21st, and it should be every bit as good if not better than those in the past.  We love Moxee and we love the people that come to our show.  So let's make 2023 great by getting those gasoline burning hotrods out and showing everyone just what fun really is.  I will start off the year by displaying the new poster for this year's show.  Registration form is below poster.  

Below the poster and registration, you will find my listing of local car shows and events.  One of the most involved lists I have ever put together.  I am sure there is more to come as well.  Updated April  15, 2023  Enjoy...


There is an abundance of Car Activities

in and around the Yakima Area for 2023!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Another show is in the books (2022)

 Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our show this year.  The weather threatened us but was good while we had our show.  We had approximately 170 entries and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We gave away some awesome prizes and cash money.  Here are the pictures I took at the show.  Click on the photo to make it bigger, then the X to return.