Saturday, July 27, 2019

New Hot Rods and Cruise Places

For some time now we have been looking for new places to gather on Friday nights,  In the past we have called this event "Hot Rods and Harleys" and have been meeting at McDonalds and most recently, Burger Broiler.  Now a new invitation pops up from KINGS ROW in Selah.  So, for now anyway, we will shift our attention to Selah and Kings Row on Fridays.  Also, Yakima has banned cruise nights even though they said they would sponsor them.  So again our attention is shifted to Selah, where they said they would have them on the second and forth Saturday of each month.  We have been to two Selah cruises so far and they have proved to be great fun.  See you in Selah this Friday and Saturday night.

Monday, May 20, 2019

2019 Show is now a Reflection. Did You Miss a Good One?

Each year, as our show date gets closer, we all keep an eye on the weather.  At first, the date looked good.  Then, they predicted rain around the date of our show.  The day before was beautiful. Then late the night before, it started to rain, and continued on through Sunday morning.  Last minute car show attending decisions are made the morning of a show and so, we were down about 100 cars from the previous year.  In the rain, I got to the park at about 7am.  Usually there are cars in line waiting at this time of the morning.  On this morning, one car!

To top things off, the city of Moxee had remodeled their park and we had no power.  They took out all the wooden poles and replaced them with new metal poles, park lighting and a PA system.  A great upgrade of the park but the power company did not hook up anything.   Then the sky opened, the rain stopped and cars started to arrive.
We gained electricity through the means of extension cords, the vendors used generators, and the show was under way.  Did you miss it?  It turned out to be a great show as it usually does for us each  year.  Not great numbers, but we had about 118 entries.   The show must go on, rain or shine and it has for many years.  Next year will be out 20th year and we need to plan something special for all of you that choose to participate.

Here are a few photos of the show: Click on the photos to enlarge.